Bali, – In the midst of the economic, food, and climate change crises that hit the world, the issue of employment had become a central issue. The International Labor Organization projected that the global unemployment rate could reach 207 million people by 2022, an increase of 21 million compared to 2019.

“Therefore, on this precious opportunity, I would like to encourage all of us to work together to create a new world of work that is inclusive, sustainable and resilient,” said Vice President KH Ma’ruf Amin at the opening of the G20 Labor And Employment Ministers’ Meeting, virtually, on Wednesday (14/09/2022).

Furthermore, the Vice President said that this goal could be achieved if the restoration of the world of work was oriented to humans or workers. The Vice President then appealed to the governments of G20 member countries to, first, create an inclusive and safe work environment for workers.

“In Indonesia, we continue to strive for the fulfillment of the rights of workers with disabilities, among others, by providing inclusive infrastructure. We also strive to continuously improve access to inclusive education for workers,” explained the Vice President.

Second, he continued, the government was expected to strengthen social protection for workers affected by the pandemic by ensuring the fulfillment of adaptive worker rights.

“In Indonesia, this is a part of the National Economic Recovery Program, in the form of the Wage Subsidy Assistance Program, the Pre-Employment Card Program, the Micro Business Productive Assistance Program, and the Labor Intensive Program at Ministries/Institutions and Local Governments,” explained the Vice President.

Third, the Vice President appealed to the government to strengthen the innovation and literacy capabilities of workers, especially in areas that would create new jobs in the future, such as digital technology and the green economy.

Lastly, the Vice President also appealed to the government to increase the competitiveness of workers in facing global challenges through continuous skilling, reskilling and upskilling.

“In this regard, Indonesia continues to build Community Work Training Centers to meet the needs of vocational training with collaboration between the Government, the private sector/industry and academia/higher education,” he added.

In line with the Vice President’s appeal, the Minister of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia Ida Fauziah said that in a series of meetings and working groups in the G20 sector since last March, all participants had agreed that the acceleration of the G20 principle of inclusiveness for persons with disabilities should become a priority.

“On the issue of the inclusive labor market and affirmative decent jobs for people with disabilities, we agree that it is important to accelerate the G20 principles regarding the integration and inclusiveness of the labor market for persons with disabilities. Therefore, a monitoring commitment to the implementation of these principles is needed,” said Ida Fauziah.

In addition to the Ministers of Manpower and Labor of the G20 member countries, the Ambassador of the Italian Republic to Indonesia Benedetto Latteri was also present at this event.

Meanwhile, the Vice President was accompanied by the Head of the Secretariat of the Vice President Ahmad Erani Yustika, Deputy for Economic Policy Support and Competitiveness Improvement Guntur Iman Nefianto, Deputy for Human Development Policy Support and Equality Development Suprayoga Hadi, and Special Staff for the Vice President Masduki Baidlowi and Robikin Emhas. (DMA/LHS, BPMI-Setwapres)