Tangerang, wapresri.go.id – The Muslim fashion industry now has bright prospects in many countries. In 2016-2017, global Muslim women’s expenditure on fashion reached USD 44 billion; by 2024, it is estimated to reach USD 311 billion.

In Indonesia, the Muslim fashion industry has shown significant development. The domestic Muslim fashion industry grew by 18.2%, with a total consumption of Rp300 trillion. For this reason, it is hoped that Indonesia will become the center of Muslim world fashion.

“I think it is impossible if we aspire to make Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia the world’s Muslim Fashion Capital,” said Vice President K. H. Ma’ruf Amin when opening Jakarta Muslim Fashion Week 2023 at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE)- BSD, Tangerang, Thursday (20/10/2022).

Furthermore, the Vice President revealed that Muslim fashion exports in Indonesia increased significantly by 12.5%, reaching USD 4.6 billion in 2021.

“It is natural for us to have the vision to become a global Muslim fashion center. Moreover, the world’s Muslim population will continue to grow,” said the Vice President optimistically.

He also believed that the Jakarta Muslim Fashion Week 2023 is a big step in advancing the Indonesian Muslim fashion industry.

“I appreciate the swift movement of ladies and gentlemen to seize opportunities and opportunities, as well as to prepare the future of the Indonesian nation as the world’s halal center,” said the Vice President.

In addition, the Vice President said that Indonesia is rich in archipelago literature which is the nation’s capital and should be preserved and become the pride of the Indonesian people.

“All the capital we have must be optimized to advance the Indonesian Muslim fashion world, which demands creativity, innovation, collaboration, and strategies based on research and knowledge,” he said.

Closing his remarks, the Vice President advised that Muslim fashion can continue to be developed through various research and promotions to reach a broader target market.

“Be at the forefront of promoting Muslim fashion digitally so that other countries interested in and conducting research in the field of Muslim fashion can obtain complete information about the Muslim fashion industry in Indonesia,” concluded the Vice President.

Previously, the Minister of Trade, Zulkifli Hasan, said that Indonesia has enormous potential in the world Muslim fashion market. For this reason, Jakarta Muslim Fashion Week 2023 implements Muslim fashion development in Indonesia.

“Jakarta Muslim Fashion Week is one of the implementations of the Vice President’s direction, related to the development of Indonesian Muslim fashion, especially in the context of realizing Indonesia as the mecca of the Muslim world fashion,” he said.

Acting Governor of Banten Al Muktabar, Muslim fashion designer, and well-known Muslim fashion activists in the country presented on occasion.

Meanwhile, the Vice President was accompanied by the Head of the Vice President Secretariat Ahmad Erani Yustika, Special Staff for the Vice President Masduki Baidlowi, and the Expert Team of the Vice President Farhat Brachma and Iggi Haruman Achsien. (SMLHS/– BPMI, Setwapres)