Jakarta. Darunnajah Islamic boarding school as a religion-based education center is hope able to foster faithful as well as self-dependent young generation.

“Youth should be encouraged to know their religion Islam in depth as well as be supported to have entrepreneurship skills and innovation,” said Vice President Jusuf Kalla in an event commemorating the 54th anniversary of the institution at Ulujami of South Jakarta this morning.

Within 54 years, the Vice President said, Darunnajah must have born alumni and young generation willing to serve their country and society.

He then insisted on the importance of a balanced mastery of religious knowledge and innovatiove sciences.

“Technology, innovation, and faith (iman) are crucial to the youth. Without the three, we will be be put aside,” he said.

As commonly stated in many other Islamic forums, the Vice President encourage Muslims to be self-dependent and sufficient in the economy.

“Should Darunnajah teach the students to be excellent both in economy and Islam, our society in the future will get away from many complicated problems,” said Mr Kalla.

Minister of Religious Affairs Lukam Hakim Saifuddin, People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR)’s vice chairman Hidayat Nur Wahid, House of Representatives (DPR) Fadli Zon, former chairman of Muhammadiyah Din Syamsuddin, and some ambassadors of Muslim countries also attended the celebration.