Singapore, – During his three-day visit to Singapore from 17 to 19 October 2022, Vice President (VP) K.H. Ma’ruf Amin said that he carried out an important mission to strengthen Indonesia-Singapore economic relations. One of them is by increasing the trade se

“The cooperation that I certainly want to encourage is an increase in Indonesian exports to Singapore, especially for MSME products,” said the VP during a dialogue with the Indonesian Diaspora at the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) at 7 Chatsworth Road, Singapore, Tuesday (1

More than that, he also wants to convince the Singapore government that as a trade and investment partner, the two countries still have many other cooperation opportunities, such as the development of the halal industry.
“We in Indonesia are developing the halal industry, because we want to make Indonesia the center of the world’s halal producers, (as) the President wants later in 2024. I value Singapore to be an important partner for Indonesia (in this case),” the VP stated.

In addition, said the VP, during this visit he also wanted to hear the experiences of Indonesian business people who have succeeded in entering the Singapore market.

“And I also want to get input, especially in the context of helping our MSME efforts to be able to promote their products to a higher to class,” he added.

Because, explained the VP, MSMEs have proven to be able to become the economic cushion of the Indonesian people during the Covid-19 pandemic. For this reason, its presence in the community is expected to continue to grow and develop.

“So, it’s not only people who (can) get stunted, but MSMEs shouldn’t get stunted either. That is, not big. Therefore, we must develop it,” he said.

For this reason, according to the VP, the experiences and tips for the success of the Indonesian Diaspora, especially those engaged in the business sector, can be a contribution of thought or alms of knowledge for business people in the country.

“And I hope that in the current world economic situation, the diaspora community can be part of the solution, and always bring Indonesia’s good image in its business activities,” the VP urged.

Thus, he continued, Indonesia will continue to be able to maintain its economic stability despite being hit by various crises such as the current economic, financial, food, energy, and Covid-19 pandemic.

“We have been hit by this pandemic for more than two years. Alhamdulillah, we can maintain economic stability even though it is down, but not like other countries. According to information, currently, 28 countries have become IMF patients. Hopefully, Indonesia will not become a patient of the IMF,” he concluded.

Previously, the Indonesian Ambassador to Singapore Suryo Pratomo in his report said that the Indonesian Diaspora in Singapore was also affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, through the spirit of gotong royong, they were able to deal with this difficult situation and even still be able to help the people in the country.

“We who are in Singapore, with all kinds of efforts, we collect funds according to the direction of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the result is that we are able to collect donations to buy 12 oxygen generators which are now installed in 12 hospitals in Sumatra,” he said.
Not only that, said Suryo, the Indonesian community communication forum in Singapore also donated an ambulance which is currently being used by the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI).

“Three years were not easy because they were full of extraordinary challenges,” Suryo stated.

Furthermore, Suryo said that the Indonesian Diaspora is very aware that the challenges ahead are no less difficult, especially with the increasing economic and geopolitical crisis, food shortages, and rising fuel prices that trigger inflation in many countries.

“The people’s economy approach, the sharia economy is one answer for us to get out of this storm,” he concluded. (NN/LHS-BPMI Setwapres)
10/2022).ctor between the two countries.