Jakarta, wapresri.go.id – After giving a speech at the Launching of the Indonesian National Amil Zakat Agency (BAZNAS) Scholarship at the Vice President’s Palace, Jakarta, Saturday (22/10/2022), Vice President K.H. Ma’ruf Amin greeted the students who received the BAZNAS student scholarship.

On that occasion, a female student from the South Sulawesi Islamic Boarding School named Nabila Khairunnisa asked the Vice President about the key to her success, from being a student to becoming the Vice President.

Responding to the question, the Vice President responded that being a Vice President was something that was not expected before.

“I was not expected to be Vice President, and now it was God’s will,” he said.

The Vice President also recounted his career journey from being a politician to becoming an Islamic community leader (Kiai). He revealed that he was asked to become Vice President when he became a Kiai, not when he was a high-ranking political party.

“I used to be a politician, the highest leader of a political party, but at that time, I was nothing. In the end, I [became Vice President] precisely [when I was] on the path of the Kiai and had nothing to do with power affairs,” he explained.

The Vice President also said that he had occupied the top leadership of the Nahdlatul Ulama Executive Board (PBNU) and the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI). At the peak of his leadership in the religious field, he was unexpectedly asked to become Vice President.

“Then at NU I became Rais’ Aam PBNU, I at MUI became the General Chair of MUI, there was no route to the Vice President. But by God’s will, I was suddenly asked to become Vice President,” he said.

Therefore, the Vice President believes that if Allah wills, anything can happen, including holding the second highest authority in Indonesia.

“So I am sure that it is Allah who gives power and Allah who takes power, so even if it’s on the path, it’s not just the way if God wants to be like that, Kun Fayakun,” he assured.

Before ending the dialogue, the Vice President gave a message to the female student.

“Ananda now focuses on knowledge first, and you continue to pursue knowledge, then fight wherever our desires match our desires here. Allah does not [order] to be here, not to be here, that is not, whichever path will be if Allah wills, [it will happen]. I pray that all the female students can become Vice President in the future,” said the Vice President encouragingly.

Closing his speech, the Vice President advised the santri and female students to straighten their intentions in the way of Allah. Indeed Allah will show you the best in life in this world. Make the right choice.

“Bismillah because of Allah, fight, increase knowledge, improve society, from the angle Allah gives you, fight, later Allah will show. Whoever walks in our path (Allah) tries to walk in our path, and we will show him the way. If Allah determines the way, like what I experienced, my path here suddenly turned here. I am the Ulema path, the Kiai path, I am with the Kiai, suddenly I am into a bureaucrat,” he concluded.

Previously, the Chairman of BAZNAS RI Noor Achmad reported that for the time being, BAZNAS had provided as many as 2,500 scholarships for students. He hopes that muzakki (zakat givers) will contribute more to the distribution of social funds through BAZNAS, increasing the number of scholarships. He also revealed that BAZNAS plans to provide scholarships for students who will continue their higher education in Egypt.

“Insha Allah we will continue to launch this scholarship. We will even launch 300 scholarships for those who will continue to Egypt. If possible, the Vice President will launch it directly in Egypt, but God willing, those we give scholarships to will become the nation’s cadres,” he explained.

On that occasion, the Vice President, accompanied by the Chairman of BAZNAS RI Noor Achmad pressed the siren button as a sign that the BAZNAS Santri Scholarship had been launched. (SM/LHS-BPMI,Setwapres)