Your Excellency President Nicolas Maduro Moros, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Excellencies Heads of State and Heads of Government,
Distinguished Delegates,

I wish to express my appreciation to President Nicolas Maduro Moros for hosting this Summit.

I also congratulate the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran for its leadership during its chairmanship.


Inspired by the Spirit of Bandung of 1955, our Movement has supported the struggle of nations for independence.

On this auspicious opportunity, I feel obliged to express our highest respect for the founding fathers of our movement, namely President Soekarno of Indonesia, President Tito of Yugoslavia, President Naseir of Egypt, Prime Minister Nehru of India, and President Nkrumah of Ghana.

Our vision has also been to contribute towards a peaceful and prosperous world as well as a just and equitable world order.

Yet, the world today is still filled with injustice and inequality. We are constantly faced with traditional and non-traditional challenges.


As a movement of 120 member countries, representing more than 60% of UN member countries, we have the leverage to ensure NAMs vision are reflected in the international communities efforts to address the said challenges.

Sadly, NAM has failed to transform our enormous potential into concrete results.

We are trapped in lengthy deliberations without proposing actual solutions.

We are in the habit of blaming others as source of our problems.

We also often fail to implement our principles and values in our own behavior.

Our Movement should not merely be a routine exercise of debate.

The event at the Ministerial Meeting yesterdays is a clear example.

I fail to comprehend… why a proposal on a regional issue from countries that forms the region, with the authoritative knowledge and understanding, was rejected by countries from outside the region.

Since the last NAM Algiers Summit, ASEAN and the related parties in the region have made great progress in addressing the issue in question.

ASEAN have also developed a number of mechanisms aimed at maintaining peace, security and stability in the region.

This was the very essence that ASEAN wished to reflect in the draft Final Document we have before us.

Having said this… in the spirit of solidarity, ASEAN will not block the process.

However, Indonesia and other ASEAN countries must reserve its position on the aforementioned issue as it is not in line with ASEAN basic principles as a rule based organisation.

I therefore regretfully request through you Mr. Chairman, to place on record ASEAN’s reservation in the NAM Final Document.

With this example, I cannot be more blunt… but to state that there is an urgent need for NAM to internally reform the way it conducts its business.


We need to make our movement relevant for the challenges of the 21st century.

The cold war is no longer our main challenge.

Inequalities and development gaps within and between NAM countries represent todays challenge.

Moreover, conflicts within and between NAM members has prevented us in achieving our vision.

Our principles and values may be old, but they remain relevant today as they did 55 years ago.

However, they must always be fine-tuned to todays reality.

To that end allow me to share some thoughts.

First, multilateralism must be at the core of our Movement.

We must increase our contribution to strengthen the UN system in promoting global peace.

We should be at the forefront in promoting peaceful settlement of dispute based on respect of sovereignty and territorial integrity.

For its part, Indonesia has and will continue to be a true partner for peace.

To that end, Indonesia presents its candidature to the Non-Permanent Membership of the Security Council for the period 2019-2020.

Second, we need to strengthen the global culture of peace.

Humanity must obtain direct benefit from the global culture of peace.

It is essential for us to promote dialogue among civilizations to translate our shared values of peace, compassion and tolerance.

Third, we need to strengthen good governance and democracy including in our homes.

Good governance and democracy are the foundation for peace and stability… necessary for development.

This will create enabling environment for dialogue… minimizing the potential threats of terrorism, radicalism and extremism.

Fourth, development cooperation among developing countries must be advanced.

South-South Cooperation is a manifestation of solidarity among developing countries.

It is also key for the attainment of the 2030 development agenda.

Such cooperation should encompass financial and technical support, as well as collaborative and innovative process.


Lastly, NAM and the global community still owes the Palestinian people.

NAM must be united in support of the Palestinian. We must support processes and initiatives undertaken to help attain the two-state-solution.

It was in this context Indonesia hosted the Fifth OIC Extraordinary Summit on Palestine and Al-Quds Al-Sharif in March 2016.

Thus, I call upon NAM countries which have yet to recognize the State of Palestine to render their recognition.
At the same time, we also underline the need for unity of the Palestine people as a fundamental element towards its full independence.


Our success of a Movement will be defined by our collective actions based on the power of our collective ideas.

Let us go forward and reform NAM to better benefit our people.

I thank you.