Jakarta, wapresri.go.id – Since July 1, 2020, Minister of State Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Erick Thohir has set Amanah (Trustful), Kompeten (Competent), Harmonis (Harmonic), Loyal (Loyal), Adaptif (Adaptive), and Kolaboratif (Collaborative) [AKHLAK] as the core values in BUMN circle. The implementation of those values is essential for the improvement of BUMN. Besides, the implementation of AKHLAK is expected to affect positively to social welfare, too.

“The implementation of AKHLAK by all parts in BUMN should be invisible, measurable, and impactful positively to the people. At the end, the prosperity of the people and nation is above all,” stated the Vice President (VP) K.H. Ma’ruf Amin in the opening ceremony of AKHLAK Award BUMN year 2022, Tuesday (07/05/2022).

In this second year of this event, VP hoped that AKHLAK BUMN core values can be implemented not only in internal circumstances of BUMN and underpin the national economy development, but also can be implemented for the sake of the better nation moral ecosystem.

“But, this becomes the initiator of the better moral ecosystem in Indonesia which is more formalized and world recognized,” he affirmed.

Yet, in order to realize it, BUMN surely has to deal with obstacles. The VP emphasized that the key to manage them was the constantly good and genuine intention in having the culture transformation.

“The culture transformation should be gone through the heart sincerely, then it should be carried out sustainably and constantly. It takes straight and strong Nawaithu (intention) to make the AKHLAK values work in our mind, hearth, and action,” he elaborated.

Moreover, the VP reminded, the problems BUMN had to deal with could be evaluation in the implementation of AKHLAK.

“So unfortunately, some BUMN got some troubles. This is sort of test as well as reflection moment for all of us, once a BUMN get a trouble, then the implementation of the AKHLAK core values need to be evaluated,” he said.

Closing his remarks, the VP sent his gratitude to BUMN companies who received the award in all components of AKHLAK.

“I hope AKHLAK Award BUMN 2022 can be real models for the successful culture transformation, as to become moral motivation to always do better and perform higher,” he ended.

On the other side, Minister of BUMN Erick Thohir said that the implementation of AKHLAK core values has been showing good results in BUMN. It can be seen from the higher income of BUMN which was 13 trillion into 126 trillion. Therefore, Erick asked all colleagues to constantly implement the AKHLAK core values, to the wider environment.

In addition, 141 companies took part in AKHLAK Award 2022, they consisted of 39 BUMN and 102 branch companies of BUMN. The judgement was done by ACT Consulting, in period of June-July 2022.

There were 87 award recipients. There were 35 award recipients in the category of Branch Company per Industrial Cluster, 20 award recipients in the category of BUMN Company Per Industrial Cluster, 30 award recipients in the category of BUMN Company Per AKHLAK Value, and 1 award recipient for Best of the Best category, namely Main Director of PT Telkom Indonesia, Ririek Adriansyah. (DMA-BPMI Setwapres)