Jakarta. Science, technology, and innovation are three keys for a country to beat a competition in the world that is changing rapidly. Vice President Jusuf Kalla stated this in his speech in a ceremony celebrating the 18th anniversary of Paramadina University held at the campus today.

He further said that a progress achieved by a country can be measured by comparing it with that of other countries or its own achievement in the previous years.

“Among ASEAN member states, Indonesia is in the middle. We are not the best, yet we are not the worst,” he said.

To cope with global competition, Mr Kalla said, Indonesia has to cope with its problems ranging from the sluggish world economy to inequality among the people.

To diminish the gap in inequality, the Vice President said, there are three elements need to be improved including better taxation system, higher productivity among middle-class society, and better subsidy for the poor.

Regardless of those challenges, Mr Kalla continued, Indonesia have some potentials that can be made as its national strength, such as abundant natural resources, big population, and productive middle-class society.

“With innovation and technology, we can develop all these potentials so that they will have added values economically. This will at last beneficial to improve public welfare,” he said.

He then sent a message to the youth to be more innovative in developing new technologies that could advance the country.

“Almost all innovations are made by young people,” he said.

At the ceremony, the Vice President also appreciated Paramadina University which as an educational institution has contributed to the nation through its studies and thinking.

“There are big universities but with small ideas. Yet, there are small universities but with big ideas and thus bring big hope and benefits. We hope Paramadina will be that brings larger hope and benefit,” he said.

Also present at the ceremony were Education and Culture Minister Anies Baswedan, Industry Minister Saleh Husin, Communication and Information Minister Rudiantara, National Development Planning Minister Sofyan Djalil, Head of Vice President’s Secretariat Mohamad Oemar and Vice President’s expert staff Sofjan Wanandi.