Astana, – As fellow Muslim-majority countries, Indonesia and Kazakhstan need to work together in developing moderate Islamic thought to counter and combat radicalism.

“I just met a Mufti here who underlined the importance of a more moderate religious relationship among other Islamic countries. Therefore, it is also important that moderate Islamic countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Kazakhstan to have a good relationship to take action against radical relations,” said Vice President Jusuf Kalla in a meeting with Indonesian citizens in Kazakhstan at the Ritz Hotel Carlton Astana, Kazakhstan, on Saturday (9/9/2017) night.

The Vice President then highlighted the bilateral relations between Indonesia and Kazakhstan. According to him, although Indonesia’s trade cooperation with Kazakhstan is relatively small, it is potential to be improved.

“Our trade relationship is still small, which is about $ 25 million. Our imports are not too big. However, as is not that big, it is possible to be developed,” said the Vice President.

Although its population is not as large as in Indonesia, he continued, Kazakhstan is the largest country in Central Asia that has a good network.

“In addition to having a lot of good relationships, its economic ability is also better among the countries in Central Asia,” he added.

At the end of his speech, the Vice President asked Indonesian citizens in Kazakhstan to maintain good relations with the community and local government.

“All of you present here are not only representing yourselves, but also representing us all in terms of community relations, because there are always two types of relationship, namely the relationship between governments and the relationship between people,” he concluded. (RN/FM, KIP-Setwapres).