Jakarta-wapresri.go.id. Muslims should develop the teachings of Islam that are able to confront the century’s challenges, the Vice President has said.

“I just returned from the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) Summit in Turkey. And I realized that Muslims are now separated as they are busy making war one another,”  said Vice President Jusuf Kalla as he received Head of STAIN (Islamic Studies Academy) of Watampone, Bone, South Sulawesi Prof. Haddise at the Vice President’s office on Jalan Merdeka Utara, Jakarta, on Tuesday (April, 19).

He added that Indonesia has introduced to the world moderate Islam with progressive thinking. Islamic higher educational institutions like STAIN of Watampone, he said, should promote such idea.

Previously, Prof. Hadddise reported to the Vice President that STAIN of Watampone will be upgraded into an institute.

With two schools, namely school of sharia law and school tarbiyah (education), and 81 teachers with master and doctorate qualifications, according to Director General of Islamic Education of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Kamaruddin Amin who was also present at the meeting, STAIN of Watampone is eligible to upgrade its status.

“This year, insya Allah (God willing) STAIN of Watampone will turn into Watampone Institute of Islamic Studies,” he said.

With its latest status, Prof. Haddise said, Watampone Institute of Islamic Studies would give more focus on the study of Bugis Islam.

“This is to promote the peaceful and tolerant Islam in Bugis which has successfully made Islam spread in the region,” he said.

Responding this, the Vice President asked Prof. Hadisse to change the study’s name to be the Study of Islam in Bugis, not the Study of Bugis Islam, to enrich the studies of Islam in the country.

Also attending the meeting were Regent of Bone, Vice Regent of Bone, and some prominent figures of STAIN of Watampone.