Jakarta, wapresri.go.id – As in previous years, one of the attractions of the implementation of the Independence Day Commemoration Ceremony of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) is the use of various traditional attires from all over the archipelago worn by officials and ceremony participants, as well as those worn by The Vice President (Vice President) KH Ma’ruf Amin.

On the commemoration of the 77th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, the Vice President and Mrs. Hj. Wury Ma’ruf Amin chose to wear traditional attires from Banten Province while attending the Commemoration Ceremony of the Proclamation Moment of Indonesian Independence which was held in the courtyard of the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, Wednesday (17/08/2022).

Arriving at the Merdeka Palace at around 09.45 WIB, the Vice President looked elegant wearing the traditional attire of his homeland, which consisted of Lomar’s Iket with a Kebo motif, a white high-collared Shirt, a Black Jacket with a gold Hanjuang leaf pattern, side cloths with a similar pattern to a iket, as well as pants and shoes. black. Meanwhile, Mrs. Wury also looked elegant wearing a white kebaya combined with a black veil wrapped in white, as well as a black scarf and gold batik patterned bottoms.

Quoted from the official website of the Banten Province Education and Culture Office, the complete Banten traditional clothing worn by the Vice President has a philosophical meaning in every part.

First, Iket Lomar with the motif of tread kebo or golden colored garuda yaksa was taken from the Baduy tribe. The “tapak kebo” or “garuda yaksa” motif symbolizes persistence at work. The gold color symbolizes the depth of the heart, character and the brilliance of the mind in looking to the future. In addition, gold is also a symbol of luxury, wealth and loyalty, and refers to the meaning of prosperity, health, and joy for the people of Banten.

Second, the white shirt with a high collar (like Koko’s shirt) symbolizes the religiosity and diversity of the people of Banten. The white color itself symbolizes purity, sincerity, cleanliness, and accuracy. While the round buttons on this shirt symbolize determination in working to carry out their duties and obligations.

Third, the black coat with the motif of the Hanjuang Leaf (cordyline fruticosa) in gold symbolizes the resilience of the Banten people in surviving. The black color on this suit symbolizes the strength, elegance, determination, sophistication and tranquility of the people. While the Hanjuang leaves symbolize struggle, because this monocot plant can live anywhere and is often used as a barrier plant or protective plant, either in plantations, fields, or people’s rice fields.

Fourth, the side or waist cloth with a similar motif to the iket symbolizes the condition of Banten which is gemah ripah loh jinawi. This cloth also symbolizes the people of Banten who are able to tighten their stomachs or live in simplicity.

Fifth, the Plain Black Pants combined with cloth symbolize the closeness of Banten to the Malays.

At the moment of commemoration of this Independence Day, the Vice President made some time to congratulate and convey a message to all Indonesians to strengthen unity so that they become stronger and able to overcome various challenges that threaten the crisis.

“I invite all elements of the nation to unite, synergize in real work so that our beloved Indonesia quickly recovers from the impact of the crisis and rises to become a stronger country,” he said.

In addition, the Vice President also invited the Indonesian people to revive the spirit and tenacity of the struggle for independence heroes to overcome all challenges, though the challenges we faced today were different from those in the colonial era.

“The challenges faced by the heroes and founding fathers of the nation when they won independence are indeed different from the challenges we face today and in the future. However, our struggle and persistence in defending and fulfilling independence must be as strong as those of the heroes of independence,” he stressed.

Beside attending the Commemoration Ceremony of the Proclamation Moment, in the afternoon at around 17.00 WIB, the Vice President and Mrs. Wury were also scheduled to attend the Lowering Ceremony of the Red and White Sang Saka at the same location.

For information, the ceremony in commemoration of the 77th Anniversary of Indonesian Independence this time was held in a hybrid (offline and online) way and still observing health protocols, because it was still in the atmosphere of the Covid-19 pandemic. (DMA-BPMI Setwapres)