Banjarbaru, – Closing a series of two-day Working Visits in South Kalimantan Province, Vice President KH Ma’ruf Amin symbolically handed over ATENSI Social Assistance to the community at the Budi Luhur Center in Banjarbaru, Jalan Ahmad Yani KM. 29.6 No 50, Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan, Thursday (13/10/2022).

In his press statement after providing the ATENSI social assistance, the Vice President said that the government continued to strive to provide the best protection to the community. In the future, this assistance should contribute community empowerment and improve the lives of many people.

“This is indeed part of the government’s responsibility to provide social protection to those who are classified as poor and the government is also determined to not only assist those we can empower. We will also empower to eliminate and reduce poverty,” said the Vice President.

“We are still facing a global impact which consequently led to a food crisis, energy crisis, and financial crisis which also resulted in rising prices. This can also affect the socioeconomic conditions of the community. The government will continue trying to overcome it. This is part of the government’s efforts to maintain preparedness so that we can succeed,” he concluded.

ATENSI Social Assistance was given to PPKS (Social Welfare Service Needs) who were under the work scope of the Budi Luhur Center in Banjarbaru; including cash, school supplies, and supplies for the grocery business as well as the snack business.

The symbolic recipients of the assistance included Rahmat Rafli from PPKS for the children of Banjarmasin City who received the assistance of Rp 6,226,700; Turiah from PPKS for persons with disabilities in Banjarmasin who received assistance of Rp4,209,400; Adellia from PPKS for persons with disabilities in Banjarmasin who received assistance in the amount of Rp7,515,300; Melda Yanti from PPKS for persons with disabilities in Banjarmasin who received the assistance of Rp5,338,300; and Khalilurrahman from PPKS case response (vulnerable) Banjar Regency who received assistance amounting to Rp8,205,000.

The total social assistance provided amounted to Rp.1,972,800,000 with details of Rp. 624,000,000 for 260 PPKS NAPZA (Narcotics, Psychotropics and Other Addictive Substances or Substances)/HIV; Rp.74.400.000 for 31 Vulnerable PPKS; Rp. 96,000,000 for 40 PPKS persons with disabilities; Rp.1,072,800,000 for 447 elderly PPKS; and Rp. 105.600.000 for 44 PPKS children.

For information, the Budi Luhur Center in Banjarbaru is one of the work units under the coordination of the Ministry of Social Affairs which is responsible to the Directorate of Social Rehabilitation. The Budi Luhur Center in Banjarbaru implements a multi-service program, one of which is social rehabilitation for PPKS.

Present to accompany the Vice President in the handover of the ATENSI Social Assistance, the Governor of South Kalimantan Sahbirin Noor, and the Head of the Budi Luhur Center in Banjarbaru Badriyah. (DMA/LHS, BPMI – Setwapres)