Jakarta, wapresri.go.id – Anniversary celebrations are an annual event celebrated by individuals, institutions, and organizations, one of which is the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI). Entering the age of 47 years, MUI is required to elevate its performance and good service for all people.

“The Indonesian Ulema Council should be able to do more good service. Good works blessed by Allah, improving our performance after 47 years,” said Vice President (VP) K.H. Ma’ruf Amin when attending the 47th MUI Anniversary event at the Sultan Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday (26/07/2022).

Furthermore, the Vice President said that improvement must be carried out by all MUI representatives, both at the central and regional levels.

“So that all parties in the MUI dedicated its ability to perform well, all do good deeds, both at the central, provinces and districts. All can work, and perform even better. I think that’s what we mean to commemorate the 47th anniversary of the MUI’s,” explained VP.
The good performance, he added, is to be carried out as a mission as government partners and servants of the people. The Vice President also illustrated several tasks related to the current conditions of the world, namely in dealing with the impact of the Ukrainian war as well as the looming energy and food crisis.

“Therefore, the participation of the Indonesian Ulema Council is expected to give education to the community, by advising a patient and caring approach during the looming crises. Because indeed, religion tells us to always and be prepared to deal with it [crisis/unexpected events],” said the Vice President.

“One of the dangers that are expected to come are the food crisis, energy crisis and financial crisis. Therefore, it is our obligation for the Indonesian Ulema Council together to face this situation, not to panic, not to worry, and we also prepare ourselves to prepare food allotment in various regions so that we do not run out of food stock,” he added.

Meanwhile, in terms of national politics, the Vice President said that soon Indonesia will celebrate a democratic party through the General Election (Pemilu). Where at this moment there are often differences in political favoritism among voters. For this reason, the Vice President reminded MUI that differences are normal and should be handled wisely and MUI has an important role in maintaining the cohesion of the people in the midst of existing differences.

“What is more important is, of course, the government’s partners, maintaining the cohesion of the nation, especially in the upcoming elections. Do not let these different choices cause conflict among the people, as well as among Muslims,” the Vice President urged.

Closing his remarks, the Vice President hoped that the participation and contribution of MUI in being a partner of the government and serving the people could continue to be felt by the community, both during the pandemic and outside the pandemic.

“The government really hopes that the participation and partnership of the Ulema Council will continue to expand not only during a pandemic but also when facing crises, such as a food crisis that may come,” hoped the Vice President.

“Unexpected dangers, and also in the context to maintain the cohesion of the people, the integrity of the nation, MUI become a guardian the upcoming presidential election,” he concluded. (NN/LHS, BPMI – Setwapres)