Jakarta. CEO of Aeternum Asset Management AG, Mr Lars Thorell, and delegates paid a courtesy call to Vice President Jusuf Kalla at his office in Jakarta, on Monday (Mar. 21), to explore possible investment and partnership in the development of Kertajati International Airport in West Java province.

The new airport located in Majalengka district in the north-eastern part of West Java, is projected to substitute the existing Husein Sastranegara Airport in Bandung and is potential to boost economic growth of the surrounding areas.

Being one of national strategic projects, the airport will initially have a runway and will be able to accommodate up to 5.6 passengers per year.

Considering its location, Kertajati Airport will also be an alternative for people living in West Java and western part of Central Java.  To ease an access to the airport, government has just inaugurated toll roads connectted to it.

Of four phases of development, the airport just passed the first phase which is funded using the national budget and slated to finish in 2017.

Other than developing the airport, government is also going to build Kertajaty Aerocity at the southern of the airport in an area of 3,500 hectares.

Aeternum Asset Management AG is an asset management company based in Zurich, Switzerland, focusing on solution for optimal and innovative investment,  whose financial services have complied with requirements on financial securities.

“Different from other financial agencies, our company does not need a bank guarantee or government guarantee. We propose a profit sharing of 60-40, with 60 percent for the government and 40 percent for Aeternum Asset Management AG,” said Mr Thorell.

Although the company has never handled any infrastructure project in Indonesia, Mr Thorell claimed that Aeternum Asset Management AG is ready for the project considering its experience cooperating with big construction companies in building infrastructure projects in Asia since 2011.

In response, the Vice President recommended Mr Thorell to bring his proposal to the Ministry of Transportation for further study as the ministry is in charge of airport development.

“In principle, we are open for investment cooperation from any private company from any country. We recommend you meet with the Transportation Minister for further discussion,” he said.

Also attending the meeting were Head of Vice President’s Secretariat Mr. Mohamad Oemar, and Vice President’s expert staffs, Mr. Alwi Hammu and Mr. Wijayanto.