Jakarta. Vice President Jusuf Kalla welcomed 31 Japanese delegates representing the Japan-Indonesia Culture, Economy, and Tourism at his office today at his office. The delegates were led by Mr Toshihiro Nikai, the President of the Japan-Indonesia Parliamentary League, who is also the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)’s general council and a member of the Japanese House of Representatives.

The Vice President appreciated the visit consisting of around 1,000 Japanese figures as it is believed able to stimulate economic growth and public welfare.

Mr Nikai at the ocassion asked for Indonesian support to the idea Japan had brought to the United Nations to make 5 November be commemorated as the World Tsunami Day.

In the question and answer session, one of the Japanese delegates invited Indonesia for intelligence sharing in a bid to prevent and fight against terrorism. “Indonesia had in fact become terrorist victims,” Mr Kalla replied, “and we are committed to tackle terrorism ever since.”

He argued that terrorism exists due to injustice and poverty, particularly in the failed states.

“In such hardship condition, typically terrorism finds its fertile lands to grow. I believe terrorism could only be tackled by improving public welfare,” he affirmed.

He then invited Japanese business players to invest and build their companies in Indonesia.

“Japanese poducts are well known for its quality, yet they are considerably more expensive than similar products from other countries. Building your industrial basis in Indonesia can help reduce your cost of production and thus lower the selling price,” said the Vice President.

Mr Nikai who comes Indonesia with around 1,000 Japanese people most of whom are prominent business players is set to hold his visit from 20 to 25 November 2015.

The visit signs the implementation of free visa policy for visitors from both Indonesia and Japan.