Jakarta, wapresri.go.id – Every July 23, Indonesia commemorates National Children’s Day. Today, Saturday (23/07/2022), children in all corners of the country are celebrating National Children’s Day 2022.

At this moment of commemoration of National Children’s Day, Vice President Ma’ruf Amin also congratulated Indonesian children and motivate them to be always enthusiastic about learning in school, pursuing their goals and making achievements as many as possible.

“To my children, Indonesian children across the country, please continue to study hard and be eager to pursue your ultimate goals. Carve out many achievements and be creative as high as possible. Because in your hands, the future of our country, our beloved Indonesia, is determined,” the Vice President said in a video released by the Press, Media and Information Bureau of the Secretariat of the Vice President.

In order to be creative and be able to realize all their dreams, continued the Vice President, Indonesian children must take advantage of the information access that is now wide open because of technological development.

“Take advantage of the information opportunity and gain knowledge which is currently increasingly available due to technological advances,” he asked.

Then to parents, the Vice President reminded them that a child is a gift entrusted by God Almighty. Therefore, parents must take care of their children with full responsibility.

“Let us build a safe, healthy and conducive environment for our children to grow in joy. So that, they become intelligent, tough, tolerant and noble individuals,” he said.

In addition, the Vice President also advised all related parties to continue to look after and protect Indonesian children, including fulfilling their rights.

“We celebrate National Children’s Day as a form of respect, protection and fulfillment of children’s rights, as they are the nation’s next generation,” said the Vice President.

“Let’s take care and protect Indonesian children from various harm that inflict their physical and soul, including the danger of Covid-19 which has not ended yet,” he appealed.

Finally, to all Indonesian children, the Vice President wished them a happy celebration of National Children’s Day 2022.

“Happy National Children’s Day. May Allah SWT, the God Almighty always bestow upon His guidance and blessing every effort we make to prepare the next golden generation for the future of the Indonesian nation,” he said.

For information, quoted from the National Children’s Day 2022 Handbook published by the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection, the theme for the National Children’s Day 2022 commemoration is “Protect Children, Advance Indonesia”. Through this theme, it is hoped that in the post-Covid-19 situation, Indonesian children will continue to be physically and mentally protected and get their rights such as the right to learn, play, and have fun. (EP-BPMI Setwapres)