Tulungagung, East Java-www.wapresri.go.id  Vice President Jusuf Kalla said, as educational institutions, Islamic boarding schools (pesantren) are required to provide future-oriented education that will benefit and be able to keep abreast of the times.

Pesantren should be oriented to the benefit of  the future and not to the past. It is museum that is oriented to the past,” said the Vice President when giving his remarks at the 25th anniversary of Darul Hikmah Modern Pesantren in Tulungagung, East Java province on Monday (Jan. 16).

The Vice President further said, the existence of pesantren that promote tolerance like Gontor and Darul Hikmah are very important in maintaining harmony in society.

“Modern pesantren will definitely promote tolerance and moderate thinking,” he said.

According to the Vice President, tolerance needs to be developed in order to maintain stability and peace.

The Vice President added, as he often said in various occasions, that the absence of tolerance has caused the unstable condition of the Muslim world today.

“We can see the Muslim world today that most of the countries in the Middle East are killing each other and bombing each other. First Muslims migrated from Mecca to Medina, but now Muslims in Syria, in Iraq and in India, emigrated to Germany, Italy and other European countries. It is indeed very sad, “said Vice President.

The Vice President then invited the people of Indonesia to always be grateful for living in a country where people live in tolerance among various religious communities.

“That is why we have to keep this safe condition,” he concluded.

After delivering his speech, the Vice President inaugurated Ar-Ridwan Grand Mosque and rental flats (Rusunawa) at the pesantren complex.

Before attending the event, the Vice President had the opportunity to listen to a presentation on the development of Tulungagung district by Tulungagung Regent Syahri Mulyo held at his official residence and observed the progress of development of Plandaan Village in Kedung Waru District which became a model village.

Also attending at the event were Minister of Public Works and Public Housing Basuki Hadimulyo, Cabinet Secretary Pramono Agung, Member of Parliament Eva Kusuma Sundari, East Java Governor Sukarwo, and Cipta Karya CEO Andreas Suhono.