Pekanbaru, – The success of the conversion of Bank Riau Kepri (BRK) to BRK Syariah cannot be separated from the will of all relevant stakeholders, as well as support from the community. The momentum of the inauguration of the Sharia BRK is not the end of the journey, but the beginning of the sharia advancement. For this reason, an effective strategy is needed, so that the development of the Sharia BRK will be faster, more focused and be a blessing.

“Starting the steps of Bank Riau Kepri Syariah going forward, there are at least three things I want to emphasize. Firstly, Bank Riau Kepri Syariah must be present as a supporter and booster for the growth of all Islamic economic and financial sectors in the Riau Province region,” said Vice President (VP) K.H. Ma’ruf Amin when inaugurating BRK Syariah at BRK Dang Merdu Tower, Jalan Gen. Sudirman Number 462, Pekanbaru, Riau, Thursday (25/08/2022).

The VP further said, that various financing schemes for halal industry players, both large-scale and MSMEs, need to be developed. This includes the availability of services for collecting and distributing sharia social funds from the community, regional government civil servants, BUMD employees, and others.

“Secondly, Bank Riau Kepri Syariah must continue to improve services, including improving the implementation of banking digitalization,” he said.

According to VP, not only in the city, nowadays people in the area are also increasingly familiar with the digital lifestyle. For this reason, improvements, capacity building and IT system capabilities need to be prioritized.

“The addition of features to the mobile banking system and the availability of links with e-commerce, financial technology, and payment systems to be reproduced,” the VP urged.

For the third strategy, the VP asked BRK Syariah to continue exploring and developing various potential programs to expand the sharia market share. Programs that have great potential and need serious attention include service for accepting deposits and organizing hajj fund, cash management system services for educational institutions in the regions, including public schools, Islamic schools, and Islamic boarding schools, as well as salary payment system services for employees of local government agencies and other institutions/agencies.

The VP observed, the success of the conversion of Bank Riau Kepri is a significant achievement in the development of Islamic economy and finance in Indonesia.

“For that, I would like to thank all parties who have supported the conversion process of Bank Riau Kepri to Bank Riau Kepri Syariah,” said the VP.

“I hope this achievement will also spur other Regional Development Bank (BPD) Sharia Business Units to immediately improve and determine the right corporate strategy, so that they can perform good performance that continues to improve, become more competitive, and sustainable,” he added encouragingly.

Closing his remaks, the VP did not forget to convey a rhyme which is part of the culture of the Riau Malay community.

“If you go to the city of Medina, in Nabawi pray and pray for a long time. Bank Riau Kepri has become sharia, hopefully it will bring blessings to the nation and state,” he said to the applause of the audience.

“By saying Bismillahirrahmaanirrahim, I declare that Bank Riau Kepri Syariah has been inaugurated. May Allah SWT always give His inayah and bless all the efforts we make,” the VP concluded.

Previously, the President Director of BRK Syariah, Andi Buchari expressed his deep gratitude for the implementation of the inauguration which went well and smoothly.

“In addition to being grateful for the support that has been given, we also ask for the blessing and continued support going forward from the entire community, customers, authorities, shareholders and all parties for BRK Syariah. With the 3K Spirit or Conversion-Performance-Culture and the 5.0 BRK Syariah Transformation Strategy, Insya Allah, the Syariah BRK will strive to become a driving force, as a trigger as well as a driver for the sharia ecosystem in this region, especially in supporting the development of local economic potential towards a country that is Baldatun Thoyibatun Warrobbun Ghofur,” Andi said.

Meanwhile, Riau Islands Governor Ansar Ahmad, confirmed that he would make BKR Syariah as an agent of change for other Islamic banks located in Riau Province and Riau Islands.

“And we are committed with my brother, Mr. Governor [Riau Province], that we will continue to use the Sharia BRK as an economic driver, as an agent of change for Islamic banks in these two beloved provinces,” said Ansar.

On this occasion, the VP was accompanied by the Governor of Riau, the Governor of the Riau Islands, the Deputy Chairman of the Financial Services Authority and the President Director of PT. BRK Syariah signed the inscription followed by pressing the touch screen of the operational inauguration of BRK Syariah.

For information, PT. Bank Riau Kepri Regional Development (Bank Riau Kepri) has officially changed its business activities (conversion) to PT. Bank Riau Kepri Syariah Regional Development (Perseroda) or abbreviated as Bank Riau Kepri Syariah with a call sign BRK Syariah. Likewise, the Logo of Bank Riau Kepri has also changed with shades of red, yellow and green according to Malay characteristics with the philosophy of Tanjak Melayu and Boat Lancang Kuning. The tagline of BRK Syariah is “Blessing for All”.

Present to accompany the VP were the Head of the Vice President’s Secretariat Ahmad Erani Yustika, Deputy for Government Policy Support and National Insight Felix Wanggai, Special Staff for the VP for Communication and Information Masduki Baidlowi, and the Expert Team of the VP Johan Tedja Surya, Farhan Brachma, and Iggi Haruman Achsien. (NN/LHS – BPMI, Setwapres)