Manila. At the second session of APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting at the Philippine International Center today, Vice President Jusuf Kalla insisted on the importance of building resilient communities to ensure economic growth in the Asia Pacific regions.

“Therefore, Indonesia invites all APEC member states to work together to facilitate and develop small-scale farmers and fishermen,” he said.

At the session taking the theme of “Sustainable and Resilient Communities”, the Vice President stated that to build sustainable and resilient communities, there are three things required i.e. people’s economy, productivity ensuring economic growth, and sustainable management of natural resources.

He then underlined that APEC should strengthen technology-based entrepreneurship, particularly to empower small and medium enterprises and to increase job opportunities. The Vice President also added that APEC member states should ensure the availability of affordable energy for the people.

Mr Kalla further specifically urged marine and maritime resource development is made as the main basis for any cooperation program between the countries. “Marine and its resources will play more important roles for APEC in the future,” he said.

Concluding his remarks at the meeting, the Vice President once again reiterated the importance of building sustainable and resilient communities in the region. “As this will contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goals 2030,” he said.