Jakarta-wapresri.go.id. Having been considered quite successful in advancing education and health, Muhammadiyah, the second largest Islamic organization in Indonesia, is encouraged to develop the spirit of entrepreneurship to advance the economy of Muslims. Vice President Jusuf Kalla stated this to Muhammadiyah members during the gathering of Muhammadiyah traders and business players at the Sahid Rich Hotel in Yogyakarta on Saturday (May, 14)

The Vice President admitted, Indonesian Muslims are known for their tolerance and moderation.

“But that alone is not enough. Muslims in Indonesia also have to advance in the field of economy,” he said

Vice President further explained the steps that Muhammadiyah leaders should take to advance the economy.
First, changing the perspective.

“Many people want to become civil servants due to their routine salary. In fact, by becoming an entrepreneur, you can create jobs and you will also have a greater chance to make donation, and alms,” said the Vice President.

Second, efforts made must keep abreast of the times.

“In the past, telecommunication kiosks or wartel used to be a promising business as not many people have phones at the time. But it is no longer relevant because most people already have cell phones,” he said.

Thirdly, there must be a balance between the world and the hereafter, between social services and charitable efforts.

“We could reach goodness in the hereafter only after fulfilling the goodness in the world. This is exactly the message of our popular prayer saying robbana atina fid dunya hasanah wa fil aakhiroti hasanah (Our Lord! Give us in this world [that which is] good and in the Hereafter [that which is] good),” said the Vice President.

Earlier in the meeting, Chairman of Muhammadiyah Haedar Nasir stated that the holding of the gathering was based on the consideration that the development of Islam in Indonesia cannot be separated from the role of merchants or business players, so it is necessary to revive the role in the spreading of Islam. In addition, Muhammadiyah wanted to nurture Muslims who will later have a strategic role, especially in the economic sector.

“We hope that such Muslim traders’ network can be a new phase for Muhammadiyah to develop the nation’s independence so that this nation will have competitive advantage in the midst of in the international arena,” he said.

Also attending the gathering were Minister for Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Yuddy Chrisnandi and West Sulawesi Governor Anwar Adnan Saleh.