Jakarta, wapresri.go.id – In the midst of intense domestic and international competition, various institutions have indicators to measure national competitiveness, service effectiveness, openness and transparency, as well as ease of doing business. These indicators are also included in the realm of bureaucracy. Therefore, a better arrangement is needed so that the Indonesian bureaucracy can contribute positively both on a national and global scale, one of which is in the investment sector.

“In addition to improving public services for the people, we also have to organize the bureaucracy to contribute to improving Indonesia’s indicators in the eyes of the international community. This is also useful for attracting investment to Indonesia,” said Vice President (VP) K.H. Ma’ruf Amin when attending a virtual event for the 2021 High Leadership Position Filling Award (JPT) and the Launching of the High Leadership Position Information System (SIJAPTI) 4.0 in Jakarta, Thursday (06/10/2022).

Furthermore, the VP said that one of the steps that can be taken in improving and structuring this bureaucracy is a comprehensive leadership selection process.

“We all need to pay high attention to improving the comprehensive leadership selection policy ecosystem, so that all these better standards can be realized,” he added.

For that, continued the VP, there must be a detailed and comprehensive management of the formation and management of Human Resources (HR).

“This is where the importance of policy development and ASN (State Civil Apparatus) talent management at the national and regional levels that are contextual and in line with the grand design of national and regional development,” he said.

Thus, the VP hopes that in the future there will be no lag between one institution and another, because all of them have met the standards and policy indicators that have been set.

“I hope that all ministries/agencies, provincial, city and district governments in 2024 can meet the standard categories set. There should be no ministries/agencies and local governments that “stay in class”. All Personnel Guidance Officers at the central and regional levels must be committed to realizing superior and strong bureaucratic leadership,” he hoped.

Closing his remarks, the VP expressed his appreciation to the agencies that received “Excellent” and “Good” categories in the JPT Selection Process.

“In the context of a bureaucratic institution that puts forward a merit system, I congratulate the agencies, both at the central and regional levels, who have succeeded in obtaining the “Very Good” and “Good” category assessments in the implementation of the JPT Selection Process in an open, transparent and accountable manner,” stated the VP.

“The Quality Award for Filling High Leadership Positions must be placed as an important part of the process of transforming the Indonesian bureaucracy in realizing an Advanced Indonesia,” he concluded.

Previously, the Chairman of State Civil Service Commission (KASN)  Agus Pramusinto, reported that the evaluation process for the 2021 JPT Award had been carried out comprehensively by taking into account several strategic aspects including planning, implementation, reporting, management innovation and the dimensions of merit system violations in filling out the JPT. He also hopes that giving this award can be an injection of enthusiasm for all government agencies to further improve the bureaucratic system and its services to the community.

“Hopefully, the good efforts that have been made can be improved together with us in order to create a world-class Indonesian bureaucracy,” Agus hoped.

Present at this event were Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform Abdullah Azwar Anas, Governor of the Special Region of Yogyakarta Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X, Chairman of KASN Agus Pramusinto, Heads of State Institutions, Governors, Deputy Governors, Regents, Deputy Regents, Mayors and Deputy Mayors throughout Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the VP was accompanied by the Head of the Vice President’s Secretariat Ahmad Erani Yustika, Deputy for Economic Policy Support and Competitiveness Improvement Guntur Iman Nefianto, Deputy for Government Policy Support and National Insights Velix Wanggai, and Special Staff for the VP Masduki Baidlowi. (NN – BPMI, Setwapres)