Banten, – The example of the Prophet Muhammad SAW can be an inspiration for mankind and a guide for educational institutions in shaping the character of the younger generation amid various challenges, including the threat of moral decadence and mental decline today.

By imitating the morals of the Prophet Muhammad, educational institutions, including the Sheikh Nawawi Islamic Boarding School, are expected to become forefront in preparing students to become excellent human resources, who can continue improving both in terms of spiritual and social life.

“Therefore, we have to bring up, and prepare human resources for Islah Hasanah, li islahil ummah, diiniyyatan wajtima’iyyatan, need a continuation (successor) and need human resources who will bear the [repair]. Therefore, I want this Sheikh Nawawi Islamic Boarding School to become forefront “Candradimuka Crater”, said Vice President Ma’ruf Amin when attending the commemoration of the Prophet Muhammad’s Day of Birth in 1444 H, at the Sheikh Nawawi Islamic Boarding School, Tanara Banten, Sunday (16/10/2022).

In the event which was initiated by the Student Executive Council of the Sheikh Nawawi School of Fiqh Sciences (STIF), the Vice President said that the Prophet had ethics and morals that deserved to be an example for all mankind. As the word of Allah SWT in Surah Al-Ahzab verse 21 states that “Indeed, in the (self) the Messenger of Allah, there is truly a good role model for you, (ie) for those who hope (mercy) from Allah and (the coming of) the Day of Resurrection and who remembers Allah much.”

The Vice President further explained that there were two types of uswatun (models) that can be implemented by Muslims, namely Uswatun Islahiyyah and Uswatun Insaniyyah.

According to the Vice President, the main guidance was Uswatun Islahiyyah, namely guidance for improvement, because the task of the prophets was to make improvements. As the Prophet Shuaib AS said, “there is no purpose for me except to make improvements as best I can”.
“The islah that was done by the prophets was continued by the scholars. So the ulama is the movement, harokah islahiyyah. And that is also what his heirs, their successors, have to do ilaa yaumil qiyama (until the Day of Judgment).

Improvements here, continued the Vice President, could be made for religious or social issues such as social, economic, and cultural issues.

“To be on the right track, to always be under the guidance of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala,” said the Vice President.

Meanwhile, regarding Uswatun Insaniyyah, the Vice President interpreted, setting an example by prioritizing human rights, namely being kind to fellow human beings, not tyrannizing and not acting arbitrarily.
In fact, added the Vice President, according to Sheikh Nawawi, if there was a conflict between the interests/rights of God and the rights of servants (humans), then human rights will take precedence.
“That’s why in the past when there was Covid-19, I said to postpone the congregation, postpone tarawih, why? To protect humans,” said the Vice President as an example.

Sheikh Nawawi’s opinion, said the Vice President, was based on Surah Hud verse 17 which meant: “And your Lord will never destroy countries unjustly, while the inhabitants are people who do good”.
Closing his remarks, the Vice President hoped that, through the Uswatun Islahiyyah and Insaniyyah, the Sheikh Nawawi Tanara Islamic Boarding School would later become a center for community empowerment, a center for trade, and a center for knowledge.
“We observe and follow the traces of Sheikh Nawawi At Tanari to inspire us. Not only praising, worshiping with sentences, but we are trying to build, prepare steps together with religious scientific studies, and be grateful for general knowledge,” he concluded.

In line with the Vice President, previously KH Munawar Cholili in his tausiyah hoped that the students from the Sheikh Nawawi Islamic Boarding School, especially STIF, would later become scholars and teachers who were able to improve human civilization for the better.
“How, from this Tanara School of Fiqh, students can be scholars and teachers. They will be able to be present in society and able to change the existing order. Because the Birthday of the Great Prophet Muhammad SAW is the basic milestone of changing human civilization from jahiliyyah (ignorance) to Islamiyyah,” he said.

In addition to Mrs. Hj. Wury Ma’ruf Amin, present on the occasion were the Acting Governor of Banten Al Muktabar, Banten Province FKPD, and the academic community of STIF Sheikh Nawawi Tanara (DMA/LHS-BPMI, Setwapres).