Jakarta, wapresri.go.id – Chairman of the Corporate Forum for CSR Development (CFCD) Thendri Supriatno and his staff have an audience with Vice President Ma’ruf Amin at the Vice President’s official residence, Jl. Diponegoro No. 2 Central Jakarta, Wednesday (29/06/2022).

In this meeting, Thendri reported on the various efforts of the CFCD in achieving Indonesia’s SDGs, in particular to accelerating the national economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic. He added that through various policies relating to the tasks and priorities of the Vice President, CFCD continuously strived to strengthen the economic sector and investment.

In addition, on this occasion, he also invited the Vice President to attend the CFCD events, namely the Indonesia SDGs Corporate Summit (ISCOS) on 27-28 July 2022 in Bali and the 2022 Indonesian SDGs Awards (ISDA) Awarding Night on 6 October 2022 in Jakarta.

In this regard, Thendri hoped that the Vice President would be willing to attend and deliver directives as well as open the ISCOS and ISDA 2022.

In response to the reports, the Vice President appreciated CFCD’s efforts in the pursuit of the achievement of the SDGs in Indonesia by actively encouraging the establishment of multi-stakeholder strategic partnerships in achieving the SDGs, assisting corporations in formulating new strategic roles in the SDGs and their sustainability, as well as promoting community empowerment.

“These various efforts will boost inclusive, environmentally friendly economic development, and strengthen the renewable energy practices in communities and villagers,” he said.

Besides, the Vice President also thanked companies/corporations that have committed to their CSR programs by assisting the Indonesian government in achieving development targets and contributing actively by providing solutions to problems related to increasing the Human Development Index, providing clean water, environmental welfare of underprivileged communities, development of the cooperative and MSME sectors, as well as other community empowerments.

“The approach taken by companies in CSR to achieve the SDGs must be truly holistic and utilize global standards,” he said.

Meanwhile, regarding the Implementation of ISCOS 2022 in order to support Indonesia’s G20 presidency, according to the Vice President, it will be the right time to carry out the strategic agenda for achieving Indonesia’s SDGs.

“At the meeting, participants are expected to have an exchange of knowledge, experiences, best practices, partnerships, and innovative policies to realize sustainable development goals,” he said.

Ending the meeting, the Vice President asked that the 2022 ISDA event should not only become an event for presenting awards to companies that have successfully implemented SDGs-based CSR consistently and sustainably, but also become an educational and outreach medium for people about SDGs.

“ISDA 2022 must become a means of education and socialization for all parties to actively discuss and make various efforts to achieve the SDGs. In that way, the effective actions to achieve Indonesia’s SDGs can be carried out accordingly,” said the Vice President. (EP/DMA/LHS-BPMI Setwapres)