Jakarta, wapresri.go.id – Vice President (VP) KH Ma’ruf Amin today received an audience from the Board of Commissioners and Directors of Bank Jabar Banten Syariah (Bank BJB Syariah) at the Vice President’s Official Residence, Jl. Diponegoro No. 2 Central Jakarta, Tuesday (26/07/2022).

According to the spokesman for Vice President Masduki Baidlowi, this meeting discussed efforts to develop the great potential of Bank BJB Syariah. One of them, the Vice President supports the program to develop Islamic boarding schools and young hajj for students, which was initiated by the Islamic bank for the people of West Java and Banten.

“There is a dialogue, one of the focuses that will be developed by Bank BJB Syariah West Java, is indeed Islamic boarding schools, then young hajj from students and so on,” explained Masduki.

Furthermore, Masduki said that on this occasion the Vice President provides more advice on how to manage the great potential of Bank BJB Syariah, especially in West Java which has the largest population in Indonesia.

“West Java province is the province with the largest population in Indonesia, how to use it,” he said.

Especially at this time, continued Masduki, Bank BJB Syariah only has assets of around 11 trillion rupiahs, so that in the future it still needs to be developed again.

“With assets that are still eleven trillion, they (Bank BJB Syariah management) will indeed require to develop its performance, how to take advantage of the potentials described by the Vice President among the people in West Java,” he concluded.

Presence at this meeting, the President Commissioner of Bank BJB Syariah Adang A. Kunandar, Member Commissioner of Rio F. Wilantara and Agus Riswanto, Acting President Director Koko T. Rachmadi, Operations Director Vicky Fitriadi, Head of Institutional Banking Division Yane Rosyane, and Head of Retail Services Fund Division Asep Saripudin.

Meanwhile, apart from the Spokesperson, the Vice President was also accompanied by the Head of the Vice Presidential Secretariat Ahmad Erani Yustika and the Vice President’s Special Staff for General Affairs Masykuri Abdillah. (DM/LHS-BPMI Setwapres)