Jakarta-wapresri.go.id. On Wednesday (Oct. 5), Vice President Jusuf Kalla received the visit of the central executive board of the National Committee of Indonesian Youth (KNPI) led by its chairman Muhammad Rifai Darus at the Office of the Vice President in Jakarta.

On the occasion, Mr. Darus reported that KNPI will hold the top event commemorating the 88th Youth Pledge Day on next 28 October in South Sumatra province.

“We will also held a blood donor program at the event with the target of collecting one million bags of blood,” he said.

Mr. Darus further told the Vice President that KNPI continues to promote the spirit of youth with a focus on the fields of maritime and regional development.

“During our stewardship, there are two central board members who became regents resulted from the 2015 simultaneous regional elections in 2015 in North Sumatra and East Lampung. This is one of KNPI’s contributions in making the distribution of leadership,” he said.

In response, the Vice President reminded that KNPI is an umbrella organization for all of youth organizations in Indonesia, thus it is expected KNPI would not only carry out ceremonies, but also more concrete activities to develop human resources.

“KNPI has members that are not individuals but organizations. The consequence is that you should not make the same activities as your member organizations do, but instead make activities that could coordinate and empower those organizations,” the Vice President asserted.

Recently, the Vice President noted, many organizations are more focused on ceremonial events such as general assemblies or working meetings, yet in fact, he added, sharing knowledge through educational programs or trainings would have much more concrete results.

“To train the youth in the field of entrepreneurship, for example, you can join with HIPMI (the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association -red). To develop skills in the field of journalism, you can invite PWI (the Indonesian Journalists Association -red). And to advance women in business, you can invite IWAPI (the Indonesian Business Women Association -red), and so forth,” said the Vice President.

Concluding the meeting, the Vice President reiterated, with many youth organizations that grow and develop, what should be the focus for KNPI is human resource development.

Also present at the meeting accompanying the Vice President were Head of the the Vice-President’s Secretariat Mohamad Oemar, Special Staff to the Vice President on Public Affairs Alwi Hamu, and Expert Staff to the Vice President Sofyan Wanandi.