Palembang, – While paying a working visit to Palembang, South Sumatera, Vice President Ma’ruf Amin with Lady Wury Ma’ruf Amin took the time to exercise as well as inspect the Jakabaring Sport City (JSC), Wednesday morning (07/09/2022).

On this occasion, the Vice President had a dialogue with the President Director of PT JSC, Meina Paloh, about the management and development of JSC. In the dialogue, the Vice President emphasized that sports venues ever used to organize major events at both national and international levels should continue to be productive.

“Venues such as Jakabaring (for Asian Games 2018) and the other one in Papua (for National Games (PON) 2021), with the existing facilities, should be utilized for holding events, especially to improve sport achievement,” he asked.

According to the Vice President, the good pattern of using sports venues in JSC was expected to be a role model for other sports venues.

“We hope that the management of sports venues after the national and international events will be maintained properly,” he said.

Previously, the President Director of PT JSC, Meina Paloh, reported that the current management of JSC was no longer using the regional budget (APBD), but using the fund collected from the utilizing of existing venues for sports matches and other events.

“So JSC is used not only for sports activities but also for other activities such as music concerts, art performances, grand gatherings, and weddings,” she told.

In addition, Meina said, in the JSC area, there was a Sport Polytechnic under the auspices of PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang (Pusri).

“JSC also collaborates with the Palembang Tourism Polytechnic (Poltekpar), in how its students can learn more about house keeping at the JSC Athlete House,” she explained.

Furthermore, Meina revealed that the operational cost of managing JSC covering 325 hectares area reached 2.5 billion Rupiah every month. Therefore, she expected various stakeholders such as the Regional Government and Central Government, as well as the Ministry of Youth and Sport, continuously support the management of JSC.

“We need support for mutual synergy. Because if we say, for example, regional budget assistance is quite small, so we also need support from the central government,” she pointed.

In addition, Meina also hoped that the Central Government could give assistance to repair the damaged facilities that required large funding.

“Then, for some venues that are rarely used, such as rock climbing and rowing, we ask the central government to encourage the national athletes of those sports to practice at JSC,” she hoped.

Accompanying the Vice President and Lady Mury on this occasion, Deputy for Economic Policy Support and Competitiveness Improvement Guntur Iman Nefianto, Special Staff for Communication and Information Masduki Baidlowi, Special Staff for Economics and Finance Lukmanul Hakim, and the Expert Team Member Farhat Brachma. (EP/DMA/LHS-BPMI Setwapres)