West Lombok, wapresri.go.id – The Vice President (VP) Ma’ruf first agenda in his visit to West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) is inspecting the cow cattle of stock-farmer group (Kelompok Tani Ternak/KTT) Rayan Baru, in Gerung Selatan Village, Gerung District, West Lombok, Thursday (06/30). This inspection aimed at reviewing how people cope with cattle cows having a foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in West Lombok.

After arriving at the location, the VP had a dialogue with 107 members of KTT Reyan Baru. According to the group leader, Sudirman, the total number of cattle animals in the location is 327 cows, which consist of Balinese, Simental, Limousine, and Brangus variants. He also said that all cows caught by the disease have been totally cured.

Due to his gratitude, Sudirman proposed to the VP to have the animal sacrifice slaughtered for Ied Adha Festive in his place of residence.

“Please have two or three cows, Mr. Vice President, as the sign of gratitude for the virus [FMD] that had gone,” he stated.

The VP agreed with him and asked the Governor of NTB Zulkieflimansyah to follow up on the idea.

On the other hand, Sudirman also requested to build fences around the site to protect the cows from the vehicle hit.

“So they will be safer, as the cows were frequently hit by the motorcycles from the north,” he added.

After the dialogue with KTT Rayan Baru members, the VP gave some press statements to the media at the location.

“I’ve been told that there are 327 cows in this place. In fact, 100 percent of them have caught the FMD outbreak had been cured. Livestock farmers together with animal shepherds as well the Ministry of Agriculture look after cows for 14 days, and now they are 100 percent cured. Alhamdulillah, thanks to all people’s hard work and persistence,” he elaborated.

The VP appreciated all parties involved that had been working hard to handle the FMD outbreak in West Lombok.

“I thank all animal health workers who keep a good job until all cattle become 100 percent being well. After this, the Agricultural Deputy will supply [the intensive cure] for the next 6 months,” he added.

Moreover, the VP explained that the government had assigned all districts to have the vaccine in the first place, to prevent the FMD outbreak.

“The healthy cows need to be vaccinated so they will be protected from the virus and the unhealthy will be given an intensive cure,” he elaborated.
Regarding the animal slaughtering in Ied Adha, the VP warned that all cows distributed in all regions should be free from the FMD.

“All officers should pay attention to the distribution of the cows, do never let the sick ones pass the border. It is stated in the rules of slaughtering animals,” he assured.

“If there’s no more cow to be slaughtered in a region, we can take other animals, such as healthy goats and lambs,” he added.

In addition, the FMD outbreak as of June 28, 2022, is calculated that 221 cities in 19 provinces had the indication of infected animals, with 283.606 unhealthy cattle, 91.555 cured animals, 2.689 conditional slaughtering, and 1.701 dead animals. (DMA/LHS, BPMI Setwapres)