Surabaya, Java Vice President Jusuf Kalla believes, a country will make progress when the spirit of entrepreneurship is growing among the youth.

“Younger generation must stand up and take actions with entrepreneurial spirit,” said the Vice President when giving a public lecture before students of the University of NU in Surabaya (UNUSA) at the Jemursari campus in Surabaya, Tuesday (Feb. 28).

According to him, Indonesia is in dire need of many new business players, especially from the youth, to make the country independent, victorious, stand out of other countries, and become a major player in the free trade era.

“Knowledge and entrepreneurship cannot be separated. Without the two, Indonesia will face larger inequality,” said the Vice President.

By being a business player, he added, we can anticipate the impact of the uncertainties going on in the world today.

“Today, we see a world that is full of uncertainties. United States that we used to see as a capitalist country, now becomes protectionist. On the other hand, China which is known as a Communist state, it is now more open,” the Vice President argued.

The Vice President also underscored, that Indonesia is not aligned to any block and will continue to have good relations with any country.

He further said, as a country with the largest number of Muslims in the world, Indonesia should be able to be a good example to the world civilization and at the same time to realize the positive progress through Islam.

Concluding his remarks, the Vice President assured that the entrepreneurial spirit can bring an impact in reducing economic inequality that has the potential to cause conflict and disintegration.

Before giving a public lecture at UNUSA, the Vice President observed the services of the Healthcare and Social Security Agency (BPJS) at Surabaya Islamic Hospital (RSI Surabaya) in Wonokromo, and signed the inscription of the hospital’s new building. The hospital is under the management of the Foundation of Islamic Hospital (Yarsis) Surabaya.

Also attending the ceremony were Minister of Education and Culture Muhajir Effendy, former Education Minister Muhammad Nuh, BPJS chairman Fahmi Idris, East Java governor Soekarwo, and East Java deputy governor Saifullah Yusuf.