Jakarta, wapresri.go.id – The public’s preference for sharia housing financing would continue to increase, this was a large space for the development of Sharia Tapera. According to the Vice President KH Ma’ruf Amin, there were three steps that Sharia Tapera must take.

“First, proactively offer Sharia Tapera. Take steps to pick up the ball through innovative and massive socialization to the wider community, including in the scope of State Civil Apparatus (ASN), State-Owned Enterprises (SOE)s, and Regional Governments,” he explained when inaugurating the virtual launch of the Sharia People’s Housing Savings (Tapera), Tuesday (23/8/2022).

For that, said the Vice President, the benefits of Sharia Tapera services and advantages needed to be conveyed to prospective participants.

“Second, the expansion of membership coverage,” continued the Vice President.

This meant that the inclusive and universal Sharia Tapera scheme must be enjoyed by all groups.

“The wider coverage of Sharia Tapera participation would increase the level of Islamic financial inclusion,” said the Vice President.

“This is where the importance of increasing literacy about the Sharia Tapera scheme to the community,” he added.

Thus, the Vice President assessed, a more profitable calculation than conventional, plus good service and built trust would attract consumers’ interest.

Third, the Vice President said, Sharia Tapera must maintain a commitment to manage housing savings funds with sharia principles, which prioritizes the principles of mutual cooperation, justice, transparency, security and halal.

“In addition, housing finance with a sharia-based supply chain approach can be increased to encourage the development of businesses involved in the supply chain of housing development. It is also believed that various sharia economic activities in residential areas will also grow,” said the Vice President.

Closing his remarks, the Vice President asked the Commissioner and the Deputy Commissioners as well as the Advisors to the Commissioner for Housing and Sharia Housing Financing to carry out their duties and functions with full responsibility.

“All levels of Sharia Tapera managers must ensure that the deployment, fertilization and utilization of Sharia Tapera Funds are really carried out in accordance with sharia provisions and principles, to maintain the trust of participants in particular and the community in general,” the Vice President asked. (DMA/LHS – BPMI Setwapres)