Jakarta, wapresri.go.id – Vice President (VP) K.H. Ma’ruf Amin attended the Student School Seminar for the 31st High Staff and Leadership (Sespimti) National Police Regular Education (Dikreg) and the 62nd Dikreg National Police Middle Leadership School (Sespimmen) budget year 2022 at The Tribrata Building, Jalan Darmawangsa III Number 2, South Jakarta, Wednesday (21/09/2022).

On that occasion, the VP said that in the midst of a broad public discussion about the current National Police Institution (Polri), it is a good momentum to accelerate reforms within the Police as an effort to provide the best service and increase public trust.

“Restoring and strengthening public trust requires professionalism and integrity that is built from within the Police institution. Professionalism and integrity must be instilled since the recruitment process for members of the Police,” said the VP.

Furthermore, the VP said that professionalism and integrity must be reflected in the behaviour of all ranks of the National Police, including in handling cases effectively and free from irregularities. Thus, a good role model is needed from the top management to the executive.

“In the context of this internal reform, the role of the National Police leadership is very important as a determinant of the professional vision of the Police, as well as being an example, who provides an example and enthusiasm for police officers throughout Indonesia,” the VP urged.

In the seminar entitled “Strengthening the Integrity of Police Leadership to Support Organizational Culture Reform in the Framework of Building Public Trust”, the VP also appreciated lessons about strengthening the values and spirit of Polri reform in the education and training process of Sespimti and Sespimen Polri.

“Because the police leadership with integrity, professionalism and reform is expected to emerge from the graduates of Sespimti and Sespimmen,” he concluded.

For information, the 31st Sespimti Polri Dikreg Education and the 62nd Dikreg Polri Sespimti budget year 2022 were held for 7 months with a total of 121 Sespimti students consisting of 76 Polri members, 43 Indonesian National Army (TNI) soldiers, 1 student from Attorney General’s Office and 1 student from Ministry of Law and Human Rights. While the Sespimmen students were 225 people consisting of 193 members of Polri, 30 TNI soldiers and 2 foreign students (Malaysia and the Philippines). (NN/LHS, BPMI – Setwapres)