Mataram, – The House of Representatives (DPR) ratified three Draft Laws (RUU) for forming new provinces of Papua consisting of the Provinces of South Papua, Central Papua, and Central Highlands Papua.

This was read at the 26th DPR RI Plenary Meeting, Session V, Session Year 2021-2022, Thursday (30/06/2022). Therefore, the expansion for the Papua region is intended so that the community could be served excellently due to its closer service center area.

“The expansion is one of the efforts to provide services closer to the people. This means that forming new provinces is a catalyst for better coordination”

said Vice President K.H. Ma’ruf Amin in his statement to the media after attending the Opening of the XV Coordination Meeting (Rakornas) of the Indonesian Hindu Dharma Student Union (KMHDI) at the Ballroom of the Prime Park Hotel Mataram, Thursday (30/06/2022).

According to the Vice President, the expansion of the Papua region is intended to accelerate the development of community welfare, especially in delivering services in the land of Papua.

“This goal is to make the service easier for the community in order to prosper. If the service is too far away, such as in only one province, it cannot be served properly,” he said.

Furthermore, the Vice President revealed that the majority of Papua people support the expansion of the region as an effort to optimize services to the community, although he also admits that there are still some parties who reject the expansion.

“It is true, there are still 1-2 parties opposing to the move, I don’t think it’s a majority, it doesn’t represent the majority, then according to the research of various studies, they support the expansion because they really want to be served faster, better, “explained the Vice President.

The Vice President said that the government continues to hold dialogue and outreach to the public so that they can get a better and deeper understanding of the new formation of the Province in Papua.

“Our efforts are to continue carrying out socialization, dialogue with them, and provide them with a deeper understanding,” he said

Closing his statement, the Vice President emphasized that the government is fully committed to the policy of accelerating welfare development in the Land of Papua through various efforts, one of which is for the Papuan people to become leaders in Papua.

“And we are committed that those who will be the leaders, we really prioritize the local people. Therefore, the DPR has carried out various assessments and held a Public Hearing Meeting (RDPU), then conducted an assessment in several areas in Papua, the governor himself has signed the motion,” he concluded. (SM/LHS – BPMI Setwapres)