South Tangerang, – Vice President (VP) K.H. Ma’ruf Amin together with the National Amil Zakat Agency (BAZNAS) handed over the BAZNAS Microfinance Mosque assistance program to the congregation of the At Taqwa Mosque, in Pondok Cabe Udik, South Tangerang, Banten, Friday (11/11/2022).

Symbolically, the assistance was handed over by the VP together with the Leaders of BAZNAS RI, Rizaludin Kurniawan and Zainulbahar Noor to the chairman of DKM Masjid At Taqwa, Ali Agung and witnessed by the Chairperson of the South Tangerang Muhammadiyah Regional Leadership, Muchrowi. The total assistance provided reaches IDR 100 million which will benefit dozens of members of MSME actors.

The assistance that is distributed is part of the Micro Zakat Bank program initiated by BAZNAS. Micro Zakat Bank is a microfinance service launched by BAZNAS to utilize zakat, infaq, alms, and other social religious funds for mustahik (zakat recipient) micro business actors in the form of capital financing and business development.

On this occasion, the VP said, BAZNAS has various programs that are very useful for the welfare of the people. According to the VP, BAZNAS has assisted the government’s role in alleviating poverty through productive programs that have been rolled out.

“BAZNAS has assisted the government’s role in providing social protection to those who are classified as poor, through zakat, infaq, and alms funds distributed by the community. Hopefully, more and more people will receive assistance, because BAZNAS not only provides fish, but also hooks so that mustahik can be economically independent,” said the VP.

Not only that, the VP also ensured that the government would continue to try to overcome various problems experienced by the community, especially in the economic field.

“This is part of the government’s ongoing efforts to eradicate poverty,” he stated.

Meanwhile, the Head of BAZNAS RI, Rizaludin Kurniawan in his written statement stated that in this assistance program, BAZNAS Microfinance Mosque financing is carried out using the al-Qardh principle, namely financing that does not attract profits either in the form of profit sharing, margin or other similar terms.

“So in other words, the beneficiaries can safely run their business. We also want them to avoid usury when running a business,” he explained.

In line with Rizaludin, Zainulbahar added, the BAZNAS Microfinance Mosque program has benefited hundreds of people spread across 20 mosques including the At Taqwa Pondok Cabe mosque.

“For the time being, BAZNAS has distributed around IDR 1.7 billion to help the development of the congregation. This figure is still likely to increase because BAZNAS wants to develop the provision of assistance to be wider, so that more and more vulnerable people are assisted,” he said.

Prior to handing over BAZNAS Microfinance Mosque assistance, the VP held Friday prayers with around 500 residents at the At Taqwa Pondok Cabe Mosque. Acting as Khatib are the Head of BAZNAS RI Rizaludin Kurniawan and Imam of Friday Prayers Aan Ashari Royani. (NN/LHS, BPMI – Setwapres)