Biak Numfor, – Mysterious shooting incidents to both civilians and security officers still commonly happen in Papua. Recently, a police officer was shot dead by an unknown person on Jl. General Sudirman, Yahukimo, Papua Pegunungan, Tuesday (29/11/2022).

Responding to the incident, Vice President Ma’ruf Amin as the Chair of the Papua Steering Committee (BPP), emphasized that the government was still using a humanist and territorial-based approach to address security issues in Papua.

“We have adhered to our approach, a humanist and territorial-based approach,” said the Vice President when giving a press statement at the Manuhua Air Force Base, Biak Numfor, Papua, Friday (02/12/2022).

Then, continued by the Vice President, the efforts to guard the Papuan people as part of the Indonesian nation were continuously carried out.

“So far this has been done, even though some security disturbances still appear such as the shootings, but in fact, the frequency has decreased,” he said.

Furthermore, the Vice President revealed that law enforcement would continue to be conducted against parties trying to disrupt the security and stability in Papua.

“And our step is to look for the gunmen to enforce the law,” he affirmed.

Moreover, the Vice President said that the root cause of the disruption of security stability in Papua was caused by welfare and upholding human rights (HAM) issues.

As for addressing the welfare issues, he ensured that the government was currently intensively trying to accelerate development in Papua, including by establishing some new autonomous regions (DOB).

“That is why, one of the root solutions is through welfare. And secondly, upholding human rights, we uphold human rights,” he asserted.

Regarding human rights enforcement, the Vice President emphasized that the government was indiscriminate. Anyone and any party who violated human rights would be prosecuted.

“Even if there are members of the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) or police who commit the laws, they will be dealt with too. So they will be punished, regardless of where they are from, it is a policy that has been implemented now,” the Vice President confirmed.

Lastly, when asked whether the new TNI Commander would continue to apply the humanist and territorial-based approach in Papua, the Vice President believed that the new TNI Commander would perform it.

“I think the new Commander will certainly continue the existing policies. Then, maybe the mapping (of the territorial security system) will be more intensified.

Therefore, the map for each new autonomous region will be clearer,” he explained.

It is well known that the TNI Commander, General Andika Perkasa, will retire on December 21, 2022. For the replacement, President Joko Widodo has appointed the Chief of Naval Staff (KSAL) Admiral Yudo Margono as the sole candidate for the TNI Commander. Admiral Yudo Margono is currently just waiting for the fit and proper test result from the Commission I of the House of Representatives (DPR).

Accompanying the Vice President at this press conference, the Special Staff of the Vice President for Communication and Information Masduki Baidlowi. (EP/LHS-BPMI Setwapres)