Jakarta – Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, Indonesia and Bosnia Herzegovina (BiH) have mantained more than 30 years-bilateral cooperation. Therefore, Vice President of Indonesia Ma’ruf Amin is more than willing to elevate industrial sector cooperation concretely.

“The two countries have a strong relationship, by wihich it needs to establish a more concrete cooperation” Ma’ruf Amin said during the meeting with Minister for Foreign Affairs BiH Bisera Turković, in Jakarta (13/06/2022).

In this meeting, Ma’ruf Amin emphasized the importance of people-to-people contact, which Turković positively welcomed by suggesting a program for student exchanges and interfaith dialogue.

“I fully agree to strengthen the bilateral hubs, to have more contacts between citizens. We are thinking about the student exchange program and also about interfaith dialogue,” said Turković.

Furthermore, Vice President Ma’ruf Amin and Foreign Minister Turković talked about the religious diversity in the two countries. 50% of BiH population are Muslim, 30% Orthodox Christians, and 17% Catholic Christians.

Seeing the valuable diversity and harmony in Indonesia, Foreign Minister Turković is interested in learning more about the religious harmony in Indonesia.

“Regarding religious cooperation relations, Indonesia has the Ministry of Religious Affairs and an Ulema Council, to promote moderate Islam values. That [harmony] is what we hope as well,” said Ma’ruf Amin.

Moreover, BiH is interested in developing the industrial sector cooperation with Indonesia. Foreign Minister Turković said that before going to Jakarta, she and her entourage had visited Biofarma in Bandung. She also hopes that Indonesia would build a noodle factory in Bosnia.

Responding to this issue, Vice President Ma’ruf Amin said that the plan to build a noodle factory would later be coordinated with the relevant ministry. In addition, the Vice President revealed that Indonesia also has several transportation products, such as a railway factory (PT. INKA in Madiun), and construction companies that build toll roads abroad, which could be investment opportunities in BiH. (SM/LS/SK)