Jakarta, wapresri.go.id – Vice President (VP) K.H. Ma’ruf Amin today received the Board of Commissioners of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) at the Vice President’s Palace, Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan Number 6 Central Jakarta, Thursday (04/08/2022). At the meeting, discussions were held on the development of the financial services sector, both at the national and global levels.

“We received approval from the VP, who gave us trust and confidence in building a complete synergy in our economy to become even stronger to face the increasingly volatile conditions in the future at the global level,” said the Chairman of the OJK Board of Commissioners Mahendra Siregar to the media crew after attending the meeting.

Then, Mahendra continued, the VP also conveyed the government’s hope for strengthening the financial services sector to be stronger in the midst of global economic challenges.

“How the government’s hope and desire to see the financial services sector getting stronger. He reminded on how the role and stability of the financial services sector are important in the midst of a challenging global economic situation,” Mahendra explained.

Furthermore, Mahendra said that the VP has an interest in the Islamic finance sector and business, as well as its role that can be directly felt by the community, to touch on the needs of the lowest level.

“Mr. Vice President pays special attention to the sharia-based financial sector or business, which is actually getting a bigger role and contribution in the overall financial services sector in Indonesia,” said Mahendra.

In addition, Mahendra also said that at the meeting, he submitted a report to the VP on matters that ensure the certainty and contribution of Islamic finance, particularly to society and the national economy, such as OJK’s priorities in maintaining financial governance.

“We report on how the priority of OJK in seeing the growth, development of Islamic finance that is getting stronger, more competitive, and maintaining a healthy financial condition and better governance,” he said to the media.

On the other hand, regarding the improvement of Islamic financial literacy and inclusion, according to Mahendra, OJK will continue to provide literacy through various existing financial institutions, both at the bank level to microfinance institutions.

“We report and explain how the future priorities are for aspects of literacy, inclusion and understanding of Islamic finance to the public in general which are OJK’s priority programs, as well as for coordinating cooperation with various parties,” said Mahendra.

Closing his statement, Mahendra presented data on the increase in the contribution of Islamic finance in the overall provision of financial services, namely the banking sector which has exceeded 6 percent. OJK will continue to strive to develop this potential, both in the banking and non-banking sectors.

“Historically it has been bigger than before, but compared to the existing potential, there is still a lot to be developed further,” concluded Mahendra.

Also present at the meeting were Deputy Chairman of the OJK Board of Commissioners Mirza Adityaswara, Chief Executive of the Banking Supervisory Agency Dian Ediana Rae, Chief Executive of Capital Market Supervisory Inarno Djajadi, Chief Executive of Non-Bank Financial Industry Supervisor (IKNB) Ogi Pastomiyono, Chair of the Audit Board Sophia Isabella Wattimena , Member of the Audit Board Frederica Widyasari Dewi, and Acting Deputy Commissioner of Public Relations and Logistics Imansyah.

Meanwhile, the VP was accompanied by the Head of the Vice President Secretariat Ahmad Erani Yustika, Special Staff of the VP Masduki Baidlowi, the Expert Team of the VP Iggi Haruman Achsien, and Acting Deputy for Economic Policy Support and Competitiveness Improvement, M. Zulkarnain. (NN /LHS– BPMI Setwapres)