Jakarta, wapresri.go.id – Currently, various countries in the world, including Indonesia, are dealing with various threats of global crises that may occur, one of which is the food crisis. To deal with this condition, Vice President KH Ma’ruf Amin emphasized that it was necessary to increase synergy in realizing the ideals of food independence, including through four strategic steps.

“First, encourage the acceleration of diversification programs and local food development supported by research,” said the Vice President at the Opening of the 2022 Archipelago Food Exhibition in the context of the 42nd World Food Day, Saturday (22/10/2022).

The Vice President further said that food diversification was important considering that Indonesia had a wide variety of food potential from Sabang in the western part of Indonesia region to Merauke in the eastern part of Indonesia.

“Natural wealth and abundant biodiversity are gifts from Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala that we must manage wisely. We must continue to explore the potential of spices and the potential of local food that is different from Aceh to Papua, we must even restore its glory,” said the Vice President.

Second, he added, it was necessary to optimize unproductive lands. Don’t let any landfall asleep and not be used.

“I used to say that there should be no sleeping land and idle energy,” added the Vice President.

Third, the Vice President emphasized the importance of continuous innovation.

“Develop innovations and facilitate new research that supports inclusive and sustainable food security,” said the Vice President.

Lastly, the Vice President advised that for the synergy of all related parties to be carried out properly, cooperation must be carried out inclusively and involve all parties from policymakers to the grassroots.

“Fourth, facilitate the synergy of stakeholders with local food MSMEs so that competitiveness and productivity continue to increase,” explained the Vice President.

Closing his remarks, the Vice President hoped that the holding of today’s event could trigger the enthusiasm of all relevant stakeholders in building Indonesia’s food sovereignty.

“I hope that the holding of the 2022 Nusantara Food Degree at Brawijaya University, Malang can be a starting point to build synergy and collaboration in the development of the national food system,” said the Vice President.

“Happy 42nd World Food Day and congratulations on holding the Archipelago Food Title. Hopefully, this activity will increase awareness and attention to the importance of food issues,” he concluded.

Previously, the Deputy Governor of East Java, Emil E. Dardak, said that realizing food security in Indonesia was a multi-dimensional responsibility, not only from stakeholders in the food industry. He also appealed to the entire community and stakeholders in various sectors, including the humanities, culture, economy, and others, to join hands to realize this great ideal.

“Hopefully, through today’s event and Brawijaya as a campus that has an extraordinary reputation, let’s start this spirit. East Java must support the program on how we can encourage domestic food in terms of supply and demand,” Emil urged.

Present at this event were the Deputy Governor of East Java Emil E. Dardak, Head of the National Food Agency Arief Prasetyo Adi, Chancellor of Brawijaya University Widodo, Middle High Officials of the National Food Agency and heads of Provincial and Regency/City Food Offices both offline and online.

Meanwhile, the Vice President was accompanied by the Head of the Vice Presidential Secretariat Ahmad Erani Yustika, Deputy for Economic Policy Support and Competitiveness Improvement Guntur Iman Nefianto, Deputy for Human Development Policy Support and Development Equity Suprayoga Hadi, and Special Staff for the Vice President Masduki Baidlowi. (DMA/LHS, BPMI – Setwapres)