Banjarbaru, – Currently, the Indonesian people are preparing to welcome the celebration of the 77th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia on 17 August. Entering the month of independence, Vice President Ma’ruf Amin evoke the Indonesian people’s spirit to recover stronger from the Covid-19 pandemic, including the spirit to face the threat of recession due to the uncertainty of the global economic situation.

“We are indeed in the commemoration of this Independence Day to revive the spirit. As I said earlier, the spirit of recovering from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and facing the possibility of recession in 2023,” said the Vice President when giving a press statement after visiting the integrated health services post (Posyandu) Kenanga on Jl. Gotong Royong RT 02 RW 04, South Loktabat Village, South Banjarbaru District, Banjarbaru City, South Kalimantan, Thursday (11/08/2022).

Those spirits, said the Vice President, were not only for the Indonesian people but also for all contries in the world.

“Not only for Indonesia but also for the world. We build the spirit to recover faster and awaken stronger,” he said.

For this reason, the commemoration of the Indonesian Independence Day, continued the Vice President, must become an important momentum to pump up the readiness of the Indonesian nation to be more resilient, especially in facing the recession threat.

“August 17 is an essential moment to get ready for the recession situation. People must prepare. It means that we are not afraid, as according to our calculation, we are able to face the recession,” he ensured.

Furthermore, the Vice President also believed that basically Indonesia’s economy was currently quite reselient. Therefore, we would not be like other countries that were hit by recession and followed by political problems and food crises.

“We are actually prepared, our economy is good. So, in 2023 we will stabilize the situation,” said the Vice President optimistically.

Accompanying the Vice President at this press conference was the Governor of South Kalimantan, Sahbirin Noor.

For additional information, citing the Circular Letter of the Minister of State Secretary, the theme of the commemoration of the 77th Anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence in 2022 is “Recover Faster, Rise Stronger”. (EP/DMA/LHS-BPMI Setwapres)