Jakarta-wapresri.go.id Leaders are required to understand the circumstances that occurred in the world today so as to keep the situation in the country remain stable.

Vice President Jusuf Kalla stated this in a speech delivered to participants of the National Resilience Institute’s (Lemhannas) annual training at the Vice Presidential Palace in Jakarta, Tuesday (Aug. 30).

“To that end, a policy maker has broader responsibilities that requires a good understanding of the background (of a situation), the results, the effects either within the country or to other countries, the policy-making rationale, and the impact when a policy goes wrong,” the Vice President said.

Learning from the experience of other countries, the Vice President invited all participants to be grateful since Indonesia has the strength to endure any situation that should be maintained.

“We are grateful that we do not have political problems and conflicts, yet we really need to keep the economy from falling as this will lead to a social conflict. This is what is meant by national resilience,” said the Vice President, adding that Indonesia has also become stronger because of its diversity, democratic system, and moderate attitude.

In keeping with the national resilience, he also appealed to all parties to maintain the natural resources in the country.

“We must not only rely on the energy sector. Our country is blessed by God with all of the abundant potentials and thus we should make good policy (to make the most of it),” he continued.

Natural potentials in Indonesia, Mr. Kalla said, also need to be maintained for the sake of tourism. The country should also be observant to see what the main tourist attractions to improve tourism potentials.

“Why, for example, people tend to visit Bali again and again? Because they can get relaxed there while being surrounded with hospitality of local people,” said the Vice President.

Previously, Lemhannas governor Agus Widjojo reported that the annual training is slated to last for seven months with 213 participants from the Indonesian (TNI), the National Police, ministries and non-ministerial government institutions, local governments, community organizations, political parties, and some employees from friendly countries such as Thailand, Madagascar, Jordan, Zimbabwe, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Malaysia, the Republic of Mali, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, and Brunei Darussalam.

Also present at the event were Head of Vice President’s Secretariat Mohammad Oemar, Vice President’s Deputy for Government Policy Support Dewi Fortuna Anwar, and Vice President’s Special Staff on Poverty Reduction and Local Autonomy Syahrul Udjud.